Knit Simple Winter 2011/12
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Weekend Getaway

Come Saturday, swap that buttoned-down office look for a cardi that's casually cozy.


Graphic Design

No accessory warms a room like a cozy, down-home sampler blanket. Our quilt-inspired afghans—one knit, one crocheted—play with palettes and geometrics in charming ways.


Shawl We Knit?

A perfect accent speaks volumes about your personal style.


Head & Shoulders

Casually chic cowls, capes and caps in eye-catching combos.


Knitting by Numbers

Who’s counting? We are! Great accessories knit up 1, 2, 3 with just that many balls of yarn. It’s maximum flair with minimal effort.


Wild Kingdom

Safari, so good! Trek through designer Amy Bahrt’s animated imagination and liven up a young explorer’s lair with a pair of the most huggable, knittable jungle cats you’ll ever encounter.