A bobble is a three-dimensional stitch made by working multiple increases in one stitch, sometimes working a few rows, and then decreasing back to one stitch. It is abbreviated MB (make bobble).

make bobble mb
make bobble    
Example of a five-stitch bobble    
make bobble make bobble make bobble
1. Make five stitches in one stitch as follows: [knit the stitch in the front loop and then knit in the back loop without slipping it from the left needle] twice, knit in the front loop once more. Slip the stitch from the left needle. 2. [Turn the work and purl these five stitches as shown, turn the work and knit five] twice. 3. With the left needle, pull the second, third, fourth and fifth stitches one at a time over the first stitch and off the needle. One bobble has been made.

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