Shown below are the body and arms of a knitted fairy from Knit Simple Holiday 2011. The fairy’s hair—added after the legs, skirt and wings have been knit—is styled by making two braids along a side part.

Doll Hair Styling Fig. 1 Doll Hair Styling Fig. 2  
Cut a few strands approximately 6"/15cm long. Holding two strands together, begin at the forehead where you want the part to fall and thread through one stitch, as shown above. Draw the strands halfway through the stitch and tie in a simple knot. Pull the knot tight. Repeat in one column of stitches from front to back, lining the knots up along the desired part line.  
Doll Hair Styling Fig. 3 Doll Hair Styling Fig. 4  
Again working from front to back, add strands around the head to create a hair line. Smooth the hair for the upswept look at the front, and make a braid on each side of the part. Tie each braid with a strand of yarn, then tie the braids together.    

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