Tassels are simple to make and can be used in many creative ways. You can use tassels as a decorative trim, at the ends of cords, on hats or hoods and for children's garments.

tassel with shank tassel with shank  
Tassel with shank Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard that is the desired length of the tassel. Thread a strand of yarn, insert it through the cardboard, and tie it at the top, leaving a long end to wrap around the tassel. Cut the lower edge to free the wrapped strands. Wrap the long end of the yarn around the upper edge and insert the yarn into the top, as shown. Trim the strand.  
tassel without shank tassel without shank  
Tassel without shank Wrap yarn around cardboard the length of the tassel, leaving a 12"/30cm strand loose at either end. With a yarn needle, knot both sides to the first loop and run the loose strand under the wrapped strands. Pull tightly and tie at the top. Cut the lower edge of the tassel and, holding the tassel about ¾"/2cm from the top, wind the top strands (one clockwise and one counterclockwise) around the tassel. Thread the two strands and insert them through the top of the tassel.  

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