Several types of zippers can be added to knit garments. Heavier zippers that separate are used for jackets and cardigans. Regular dressmaking zippers are used for skirt waists or on the back of close-fitting necks.

Zippers should be sewn in by hand rather than by machine. The opening should be the same length as the zipper so that the seam doesn’t stretch or pucker.

To prepare the edges of a garment for the zipper, work a selvage such as the two-stitch garter selvage. If the edge is not smooth enough, a crocheted slip stitch edge will be helpful.

Place the zipper in a stitch or two from the edge to prevent the teeth from showing, and sew it down with a backstitch.

adding a zipper
adding a zipper adding a zipper adding a zipper
Whipstitch the zipper in place on the wrong side, then backstitch it on the right side close to the edge of the knit fabric. 1. To apply the zipper, work from the right side of the piece or pieces with the zipper closed. Pin the zipper in place so that the edges of the knit fabric will cover the teeth of the zipper and meet in the center. 2. After pinning, baste the zipper and remove the pins. Turn the zipper to the wrong side and whipstitch in place. Turn the zipper to the right side and backstitch in place.

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