Pattern #11

Work until piece measures from beg, not from armhole.



"Open Season" Scarf

Page 103

Corrections are underlined.

Scarf, should read
Ch 38. Work in mesh pat as foll:
Row 1 Dc in 8th ch from hook, *ch 2, sk 2 ch, dc in next ch; rep from * to end. Ch 5, turn (counts as 1 dc and ch 2).
Row 2 Skip first dc and ch 2, *dc in next dc, ch 2, sk 2 ch; rep from *, end last rep, ch 2, dc in 3rd ch of t-ch—11 mesh. Ch 5, turn.
Rep row 2 for mesh pat.



Pattern #16

There should be a note on the charts that "Each square of chart represents 1 st and 2 rows".



Pattern #34

Page 100

Corrections are underlined.

Sleeves, line 15 should read:
…—30 dc. Ch 3, turn. Row 1 *Skip 4 dc, 7 dc in next sc, skip 4 dc, (1 dc, ch 2 and 1 dc) in next dc; rep from *, end (1 dc, ch 1 and 1 dc) in top of tch. Ch 4, turn. (3 pats)


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