Pattern #1, Cabled Purse

Photo on page 28, instructions on page 68.


With MC, cast on 32 sts.

Rows 1 and 5 (RS) [P2, k4] 5 times, p2.
Rows 2 and all WS rows [K2, p4] 5 times, k2.
Row 3 [P2, 4-st RC, p2, k4] twice, p2, 4-st RC, p2.
Row 6 [K2, p4] 5 times, k2.

Rep rows 1-6 until piece measures approx 23"/58.5cm, ending with row 6. Bind off.



Pattern #10, Cabled Scarf and Hat

Photo on page 37, instructions begin on page 76.

Updated: 11Jan2016

Corrections are underlined


Crown shaping
Rnd 1
*P2, ssk, p1, k1, p1, k2tog, p2, k4; rep from * to marker—65 sts.  

Rnd 11 Knit.
Rnd 12 Sl 2 knitwise, k1, p2sso, k1; rep from * to marker—10 sts.

Download updated Hat Chart. [PDF 183KB]



Pattern #24, Cat Afghan

Click here for the corrected chart. (PDF 128KB)



Pattern #26, Dog Motif Kids' Sweaters

Updated: 13Dec2011

Photo on pg 58, instructions begin on page 94.

Sleeves, page 96
Change to larger needles at end of ribbing, before working in St st.


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